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LKR. 490.00
LKR. 490.00
  • Precision ground curved blades
  • Comfortable finger rings

Instruction: this scissors is precision crafted and fully inspected for trimming your nails safely and easily. The sharp blades make the cut clean and curved blades create a curved trim along the natural nail line. The curved blade is easy to use with either hand. Hold scissors with blades facing up and trim away nails using scissors tips. Trim your nails along the natural nail line. Do not cut below the nail bed as it may cause discomfort. After cutting your nails, smooth off the rough edge with our emery board or nail file. Then, have a healthy and natural shine on nails with our nail buffer.

Care: clean blades after each use. To prevent rusting have your tools slightly oiled and kept in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

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