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Michael Wijesuriya Salon

Your accessories and cosmetics store

Michael Wijesuriya Salon

There is a known reality that artists are elusive. Michael is possibly the epitome of this statement. He has been ‘enjoying’ his career as a couture designer. Almost over the last two decades. So much so, that he often wonders if this is a job. Hardly so, for one who has fun with every design he creates. No small wonder he has won so much recognition both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

What drives Michael is how much his clientele enjoy what he does for them and this sense of synergy coupled with his creative genius and professionalism has made Michael's design-business get to the top rung within the industry. The common factors Michael seems to share is his love for what he does and what he counts his greatest blessing & strength family, and committed staff.

Main Contact

Telephone:2-503023, 2-508398, 7-207260

Email:[email protected]