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Haris Wijesighe Salon

Your accessories and cosmetics store

Haris Wijesighe Salon

It seems many decades ago as a young person I always fancied the art of being good looking. I always had creative ideas often and having sisters & cousins in plenty made it easy for me to get it out and experience the art of beauty. While making people look pretty I have managed to make it as my career with lot of challenge and hard work.
It inspired me when i drew clients from all walks of life. I have always endeavored to keep to the high level of traditions, customs and culture of our country which made me famous.
This legacy, which I pass down to my family, who with me have made the bridal industry what it is today...


Main Contact

Harris Wijesignhe

No.61, Peterson Lane,
Wallawaththa, Sri lanka.

Telephone:- +94-11-2580797