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Chagall Salon

Your accessories and cosmetics store

Chagall Salon
The creators of cool in colombo

Invent something that`s never been done before and you are a genius. To re-invent what has been around and make it the most sought-after product is  genius plus!

The birth of CHAGALL COLOMBO was the brain child of two great friends with a simple plan. Gerald Solomons of hair fame and Andre Estefan of fashion fame decided to provide Sri Lanka with the much needed cutting edge to style and fashion. “The decision was made and we decided to go with a brand new concept for Sri Lanka in the hair trade: Fashionable, loud, noisy, bustling, open and creative all under under one roof”.

Chagall provides a premium service specifically designed for today’s man and woman. “With the understanding of a clients needs, we created Chagall to be the a ‘total body workshop’ in Colombo as well as offering a comprehensive range of services and products”.

Chagall is the ultimate destination for all your grooming and styling needs and as the story goes, nothing works better than ‘the labour of love!’.




Main Contact

Chagall Salon

L39, Crestcat Boulevard, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

Telephones: +94-11-2335555  | +94-0777353077\

 Email:[email protected]